You will never hear this organ piece again!"


The Art of Organ Improvisation


I am seated at the console, ranks selected, mostly at random, eyes closed,  fingers on the keys. The music begins to speak. My soul reaches out to the Divine and now I am in the midst of a conversation with God Almighty. 

My fingers speak, my ears listen. I tell a story, speaking in an language known only to my soul.  This is the art of organ improvisation.

My improvisation "compositions" far outnumber my written compositions, although all have the same genesis.  "A Mighty Fortress," which I have written out in sheet music format, is totally improved. I sat at the organ bench, the recording studio patiently waited for me to play. The resulting video is what came out.  

So this site will be a work in progress for you,  my friend, as I attempt to write down some of the ways I have been able to create improvisational music while sitting on the organ, or piano bench.

Listen to "A Mighty Fortress." Check out my YouTube channel, full of improvisations on hymns, etc, and most important, leave some feedback on the "Improv Tips" Page.  I'm anxious to hear your opinions.

Thank you,

John Cavicchio


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